Recalls of our customers

Really? Here It's a 12:16 in the afternoon!
Great, great, It's works!!
I tried to upload a simple file and it works!!

Thank you very much, you are a very cooperative team.

Best regards

  Gilberth Molina Castrillo
  Celular: (+506) 8607-3518
  E-mail: gmolinac91@gmail.com

Thank you very much for your actions.
I take a note (about Firewall restrictions).


  Norbert Yong
  E-mail: norbertyong@gmail.com

Hi, my name is David and I thank you a lot for give the users the posibility to use your server to upload their pages, you are great.
I am really new in your hosting so I try to upload some PHP files for my work. Everything work just fine until I upload files from a client manager named BoxBilling. I couldnt upload all the files and I really want to use this service my wubdomain is pdominios.tigrimigri.com and my user name is pdominios I register my account from this email

  E-mail: davinun99@gmail.com

Many thx 4 for shown support (about flawless signup), it now works like a charm. Stay tuned ...

  HJ Berger
  E-mail: hajo.berger@kbaelmail.de

Hello Peter,
now everything works perfect. Thank you very much for your quick help (web server configuration).

Kind regards,

  Marlene Graefe
  E-mail: mgraefe81@arcor.de

Works now (fixing intallation of Magento). 
Thank you. 

  Kirill Kononov
  E-mail: kskononov@gmail.com

The page now returns a 403 error (taking down the phishing page) .
Thank you for your help and have a great day!

  Alexander Mastryukov
  E-mail: AMastryukov@brandprotect.com

Hello and thanks for the nice service you provide.

I would like to know if it is possible to give my account extra write access because I'm encountering some problems with my cs cart installation. For example, it can't create any thumbnails and continuously spits out errors.

Here it is: Unable to create thumbnail for the file "/home/cscart/public_html/images/detailed/1/ladia_moto.jpg": Unable to open image /home/cscart/public_html/images/detailed/1/ladia_moto.jpg

Thanks for your time, Alexandra

The image is created by a bug in our current php 5.6 config. This will be solved in an update the coming week. For the moment the workaround is to switch your site to PHP 7.

  Alexandra Mich
  E-mail: info@motomixas.gr

Hello Mr Peter,
I am grateful to you. Thank you very very much for your patience and supporting me.
Developing own application with Laravel 5.2.I

With Best Regards,
Azhar Nabil

  Azhar Nabil
  E-mail: azharnabil013@yahoo.com


I just entered in my account and I think is a great service the one that you have.

Unfortunately, I have to go. so as a responsible user I want to delete my account so i won't be using the free space that you kindly given to me.


  Francisco Daniel García Noriega
  E-mail: pako.gn@hotmail.com

All good now, not sure what the issue was but I'll take a look at the htaccess file. Thanks for your help!
- John

  John Brame
  E-mail: johnjrbrame@gmail.com

I spend the whole day looking for "DNS editor". I figured out that I have to choose the DSN during registering my domain. So I canceled my domain and registered it again. This time I chose the DNS and edited it as in "FAQ". Then I could access to "DNS MANAGEMENT for saitara.ml".

I attached two images to let you see what I did. Now everything works just fine. Again I'm very thankful for your help and I wish you a great day.

  Karar Esam Akram
  E-mail: kararesamakram@gmail.com

Thank you so much!! (enabling PHP7)
Next time I will know it, good afternoon and enjoy the day!

  Karen Cubero González
  E-mail: kaaerreeene@gmail.com

Thanks Peter,
it's working now - I guess the browser was caching some of the pages + dns entries were not updated at the time I checked.


  Sanjay Fernando
  E-mail: sanjayfernando@gmail.com


Thanks for offering free hosting service.

I want to know whether you provide paid hosting plans as well with better uptime and faster uploads. And whats the plan cost per year.


As far as I know the speed of our free hosting is not slow and uptime is also ok for a free host as far as i know and measure. We do not offer paid plans yet. Maybe we will in the future offer this.

  Sanjeeb K S
  E-mail: santech022@gmail.com

Thank you for your assistance and have a beautiful day!
Helping with changing registered email to another one

  Tengo 420 Razones
  E-mail: sandrea18@gmail.com

Dear Sir/Madam, I was delighted yours server, but now I can't login into my account and website doesn't work. Could you solve the problem, please?


I resetted the password of Ur account to XXXXXXXX . You should be able to login to your account now. I am not sure why your site is not working at the moment. Is it maybe because you connected zsem.ga to it?
zsem.ga points to ip (which is not tigrimigri ip-space).

  E-mail: bartosz123456654321@gmail.com

Hi and tanks for your response!
Yes my username is zooxer.
I didn't add any files so far.
I just wanted to check with you this issue before I'm starting.

Is there any other option to see the error log?
I saw some host webs that offer the error log in a table on page with some filters to search...

Sharon Aharonov

Hello Sharon,

We do not offer SSH access on our (free)hosting.

Your username is zooxer? I check the central error log and did not see any error in the logs.

  שרון אהרונוב
  E-mail: sharon.aharonov@gmail.com

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